Vice President's Schedule - July 25, 2014

In the morning, the President and Vice President will receive the Presidential Daily Briefing in the Oval Office. This meeting is closed press.
In the afternoon, the President will meet with President Otto Perez Molina of Guatemala, President Juan Orlando Hernandez of Honduras, and President Salvador Sanchez Ceren of El Salvador. The Vice President will also attend. The four leaders and Vice President Biden will discuss how to reinforce our ongoing collaboration to stem the flow of undocumented migrants from Central America to Mexico and the United States.  This will include discussion of how the United States and Central American governments are cooperating to promote safe, legal, and orderly migration between our countries in a spirit of shared responsibility, including with respect to the return of family units, which began last week for all three countries.  There will be a pool spray of this meeting in the Cabinet Room at the bottom.
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Friday, July 25 2014

All Times ET
10:00 am
The President and Vice President receive the Presidential Daily
Oval Office
Closed Press
2:00 pm
The President meets with President Molina of Guatemala, President Hernandez of Honduras, and President Ceren of El Salvador; the Vice President also attends
Cabinet Room
Pool Spray at the Bottom
Final Gather 2:45PM – Brady Press Briefing Room
Pool Call Time: 
9:30 AM
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