• Prevented an income tax hike for 98 percent of Americans and nearly every small business, saving the typical family from paying about $2,000 more in taxes starting in 2013.
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  • Provided tax relief to 95 percent of working families through the Recovery Act.
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  • Created and extended a tax credit worth $10,000 over four years that helps 9 million families cover the cost of college.
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  • Extended a tax credit that helps workers keep more of what they earn by continuing an expansion of the credit for married couples and larger families.
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  • Extended expanded tax relief for 35 million families with children. 12 million working families receive a larger child tax credit, including 5 million previously ineligible families.
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  • Launched a Federal Taxpayer Receipt to help American taxpayers understand exactly how their federal tax dollars are being spent.
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Stop taxes from going up on 160 million workers

What's Next

  • Ensure the wealthiest Americans do their fair share by paying at least the same tax rate as middle class families so we can reduce the deficit in a balanced way while preserving investments in education, clean energy, manufacturing, and small businesses.
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A full 22,000 households that made more than $1 million in 2009 paid less than 15% of their income in income taxes & 1,470 households managed to pay $0