• Ended more than $60 billion in wasteful subsidies for big banks and used the savings to put the cost of college within reach for more families.
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  • Created and extended a tax credit worth $10,000 over four years that helps 9 million families cover the cost of college.
    Read about the American Opportunity Tax Credit:
  • Expanded Pell Grants to reach an additional 3 million students and raised the current maximum award to $5,550, up from $4,730 in 2008.
    Read about: Pell grants
    Read about Pell grants:
  • Capped monthly student loan payments for responsible borrowers who make their payments on time so they aren't held back by debt as they start their careers.
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  • Created a model financial aid disclosure form that makes the costs and responsibilities of student loans clear before students enroll in college.
  • Supported partnerships between community colleges and businesses to train workers with skills local employers need
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  • Launched a College Scorecard to help students and families compare costs, the amount students borrow in loans, and graduation rates among schools and make informed decisions about which college to attend.
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Unemployment & Income by Education

What's Next

  • Rein in college cost by reforming student aid to colleges. Reward schools that set tuition prices responsibly. Schools that do the most to provide students with good long-term value should receive more money to help students attend than schools that don’t. 
    Read about Blueprint for College Affordability:
  • Improve college quality and value through competition. Invest $1 billion in a competition to provide incentives for colleges to keep costs under control and graduate students on time.
    Read about Race to the Top: College Affordability and Completion:
  • Prepare workers with skills and credentials employers need. Support programs that train workers for jobs in growing industries like high-tech manufacturing and IT.
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The Rising Cost of Higher Education