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Remarks by the First Lady to Overflow Crowd


University of Wisconsin
Wausau, Wisconsin
3:55 P.M. CDT 
MRS. OBAMA:  Wow, this is overflow!  (Applause.)  Let me just say -- I'm going to talk in the bigger venue, but I wanted to stop by and see your faces.  (Applause.)  
Thank you all so much for coming.  18 more days, we're going to get this done.  You all are -- (applause.)  So I want -- that I just want you to know that you all -- your support, your focus, your hard work, your energy -- do not underestimate how much that means to me and the President.  When times get -- you have those ups and downs.  So always know that we have such -- people who believe in a country that helps everyone, and that is moving forward and making the kind of progress we know we want for our kids and our grandkids.
AUDIENCE MEMBER:  We love you, Michelle!  (Applause.)  
MRS. OBAMA:  So I'm going to come around and do some quick handshakes -- (applause) -- room, and then we'll get started.  
So thank you all.
3:56 P.M. CDT 

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