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PHOTO RELEASE: Vice President Biden Calls Navistar Electric Truck Team to Congratulate Them on Shipping First Recovery Act Electric Vehicle

Washington, DC – Vice President Joe Biden today called Shane Terblanche, General Manager of the Navistar Modec Electric Vehicle Alliance at Navistar International Corporation, and the rest of the Indiana-based Navistar electric truck team to congratulate them on shipping the first electric vehicle produced as a result of the $2.4 billion in Recovery Act advanced battery and electric drive grant awards made last year.  President Obama announced the more than forty awards, including $39.2 million in funding to help Navistar develop and deploy advanced battery electric delivery trucks, at the company’s Wakarusa, Indiana facility last August.  The electric truck Navistar unveiled today is the first of 400 it eventually plans to build thanks to the Recovery Act and is powered by an advanced battery manufactured in Michigan by another Recovery Act recipient, A123 Systems. 

A photo of the Vice President’s call is available HERE.

For more information on this milestone, click HERE.

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