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Statement by the Vice President on New Recovery Act Recipient Reports Posted on

Washington, DC – As mandated by statute, the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board today posted on quarterly reports required from some recipients of Recovery Act funding.  The recipient reports provide more detailed information about a portion of Recovery Act activity during the fourth quarter of 2009.  The Vice President issued the following statement:

“The recipients reporting on this $54 billion portion of the Recovery Act – which represents less than one-fifth of Recovery spending and tax relief last year – tell us they funded about 600,000 workers last quarter with Recovery dollars.  These reports, which provide a snapshot of the impact of a small portion of funds, are yet another indication that the Recovery Act is on-track to create or save 3.5 million jobs by the end of 2010.”

“Because of this unprecedented transparency effort, the American people are getting a look at some of the ways Recovery dollars are benefiting their neighborhoods and communities directly from the recipients themselves.   Since this is a partial survey based on reports filed by recipients, we know it’s not perfect or complete – but it is providing a level of detail about a government program that has never before been made available to the public.”

To learn more about the reports posted today on, click HERE.



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