Apply: We the People Write API Beta

This is a closed beta period with a limited number of slots. To take part, please submit the following application. Applications will be reviewed in the order they are received.

Terms of Use:

By participating in the beta period for Version 2.0 of the We the People API, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these Terms of Use, as well as the terms and conditions contained in the Privacy Policy and the We the People’s Terms of Participation and Moderation Policy, and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

The purpose of the beta period is to test the We the People API's write methods, identify bugs and other technical issues, and develop tools that will allow others to submit signatures to We the People petitions platform without directing users to

Participants in the beta period must provide or contribute to the development of constituent relationship management (CRM) systems that feature online petitions functionality. By taking part, you commit to develop against the API during the beta period and provide ongoing feedback to the White House team.

We the People API keys provided for the beta period are for use solely during the beta period, are not transferable, and are not to be shared. During the beta period, applications using API keys must not be released for use by the general public or used in a production environment. We the People API keys provided for the beta period may only be used to submit signatures to "sandbox" petitions created by the White House for the purpose of testing the API's functionality. Violation of these terms may result in your API key being deactivated.

Participation in the beta period does not constitute an endorsement of the participants' project or create a business relationship between the participant and the White House. The White House reserves the right to invite additional applicants to participate in the beta period on an ongoing basis should circumstances permit. The White House also reserve the right to scale back, cancel or suspend the beta period or individual API keys if necessary based on system stability or other technical issues that may arise during the beta period.

While the White House intends to release write methods for the We the People API, it is not obligated to do so. New terms of use for the API and new API keys would accompany such a release. The White House cannot guarantee that functionality developed during the beta period will be compliant with those terms of use.

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