To win the future we must out-educate our global competitors by giving every child a world-class education and opening the doors of college and opportunity to all students.

Because out-educating our rivals is critical to winning the future, the President’s Budget:

  • Maintains maximum Pell Grant award, helping 9 million students afford college.
    • Paid for with more than $100 billion in savings, including eliminating year-round Pell and graduate student in-school loan subsidy.
  • Reforms K-12 school funding by supporting high standards, encouraging innovation, and rewarding success.
    • Consolidates 38 K-12 programs into 11 that emphasize competition and evidence of what works, while also eliminating 13 education programs outright.
  • Expands the Race to the Top concept to early childhood education, school districts, university funding, and job training.
  • Prepares 100,000 new science, technology, engineering, and math teachers.

Education & the State of the Union

Watch the President discuss the need to invest in education in order to win the future as part of our special “enhanced” presentation of the State of Union Address.

Watch the video of State of the Union
Watch the video of State of the Union

Investing in Education

The United States has fallen from first to ninth in college graduation rates. To win the future, we must out-educate our global competitors by training 100,000 new STEM teachers, expanding the President’s Race to the Top program and making college more affordable.

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