President Obama and Young Americans
A meeting with Young Americans in the White House.

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  • White House Youth Summit: Making Sure People Have the Information They Need to #GetCovered

    A group of of this country's finest national and local leaders aged 18-35 joined by White House and Administration staff for a Youth Summit focused on issues important to their generation -- especially spreading the word about the Affordable Care Act and organizing to get people enrolled in their respective communities

  • Calling All Young Americans: We Want to Hear from You!

    The White House is hosting over 150 leaders from across the country for a Youth Summit. The Summit will offer young people coming to the White House and across the country a chance to discuss the Affordable Care Act and other issues important to them.

  • West Wing Week 9/20/13 or, "Every Moment of Every Day"

    The President responds to the shootings at the Navy Yard in D.C., invited small business owners to the White House as he spoke on the five-year anniversary of the financial crisis, addressed the Business Roundtable and the Export Council, sat down for interviews with ABC and Telemundo, welcomed the Amir of Kuwait, newly appointed Foreign Ambassadors, and Youth of the Year winners, and the First Lady spoke on marketing healthier food to children.

  • Marking Suicide Prevention Month

    In recognition of Suicide Prevention Month, First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden have contributed to the Huffington Post “Invisible Casualties” series.


Since his days as a community organizer, President Obama has been fighting for young Americans.

As President, he passed the Affordable Care Act, allowing you to stay on your parent's health care plan until you’re 26, reformed the student loan system to put billions of dollars back into the pockets of students paying for college instead of watching it pad the profits of big banks.

The President has invested in clean energy, encouraged innovators to start companies and build the technologies of the future, ended combat operations in Iraq, brought more than 90,000 troops home, and made sure they get the care they have earned once they’re back. He’s repealed Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and expanded both Pell Grants and the American Opportunity Tax Credit for college tuition.


Obama Administration Record on Young Americans