WATCH: The Swamp is 0-3 on its Impeachment TV drama

Last week was supposed to be House Democrats’ big moment. It was supposed to be the week they finally, after striking out with the Russia collusion hoax, put their impeachment crusade on the map for the majority of Americans they need to persuade.

Of course, it didn’t work out that way.

Rather than make his case credible, Rep. Adam Schiff’s (D-CA) first three “star witnesses” left most Americans wondering why they were even invited to testify in the first place. After Democrats asked their guests questions such as how President Donald J. Trump made them feel, House Republicans got to the heart of the matter.

Here are the only answers that matter if a political party wants to impeach the duly elected President of the United States: Last week’s witnesses testified that they had no knowledge of any impeachable offenses, no firsthand account of President Trump’s phone call with Ukraine, and zero contact with the President at any point this year.

In fact, two of them have never even met President Trump!

House Democrats are hoping to rebound this week, introducing a whole new lineup of witnesses for Schiff’s Impeachment TV circus. They shouldn’t get their hopes up. Just like last week, each of these witnesses share something important in common: They have no actual evidence of any impeachable offense committed by the President.

The reason is simpleThere was no such offense. Just like with Democrats’ 2-year, $32 million taxpayer-funded Russia collusion obsession, this “investigation” serves one real goal: keeping the far-left base happy while obstructing any meaningful bipartisan work on Capitol Hill so long as Donald Trump is President.

In other words, we have a new hoax on our hands, but it’s still the same old swamp.

“Here’s a witness Schiff doesn’t dare call in impeachment hearings.”

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They can’t hide your healthcare prices any longer

While Democrats in Congress are busy doing anything they can not to help working Americans under this President, the Trump Administration unveiled a pair of new rules on Friday that will make healthcare prices simpler and clearer than ever before.

“We’re requiring price transparency in healthcare, forcing companies to compete for your business,” President Trump said from the White House. “Our goal was to give patients the knowledge they need about the real price of healthcare services.”

What does that mean for patients? “They’ll be able to check them, compare them, go to different locations—so they can shop for the highest-quality care at the lowest cost.”

The first rule compels hospitals to finally publish their prices online for all to see. For years, these prices were often all but impossible to find, leaving Americans with nasty surprise bills after a medical visit. Now, families will be able to see and compare all of these costs beforehand with the new, easy-to-read formats that will soon be available.

The next rule, newly proposed, will require health insurance providers and group health plans to give cost estimates to enrollees before care is delivered. Like it’s doing with hospitals, the Trump Administration wants to push these companies to make lists of all their pricing information available to the public.

Together, these actions represent the most aggressive steps taken by any President to put healthcare price information in the hands of patients. That’s important not just for honesty and fairness; transparent prices also lead to lower healthcare costs overall.

Powerful interest groups spent years trying to keep these rules from happening. By making the true price and quality of care a closely guarded secret, the industry giants controlled the markets—and your healthcare dollars. When President Trump came to Washington, he promised to do things differently than Beltway career insiders have done for years. “We’re taking on the bureaucrats in more ways than one,” he said Friday.

“Trump’s team delivers a big win for patients by making health costs clearer.”

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