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  • Five Facts About the Gender Pay Gap:

    On Equal Pay Day, we face a stubborn and troubling fact: Despite women’s gains, a large gender pay gap still exists.

  • 4 Ways Trade Drives American Innovation

    Creating good jobs at good wages is central to the President’s strategy of middle-class economics. Trade is an integral component of that strategy. Here’s why.

  • The Employment Situation in March

    The March employment report reflects a pace of monthly job growth below the recent trend, coming on the heels of February’s strong report. The unemployment rate was stable, broader measures of unemployment fell, and hourly earnings continued their rise.

  • The Economic Benefits of the Affordable Care Act

    The Affordable Care Act is generating major benefits for our economy by expanding access to affordable insurance coverage and reforming our health care delivery system to reduce costs and improve quality.

  • Third Estimate of GDP for the Fourth Quarter of 2014

    This GDP report is consistent with a wide range of indicators showing continued labor market strengthening and improvement in household and corporate balance sheets.


The Role of Global Trade in Five Major Economic Challenges
DIW Berlin
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April 20, 2015

Gender Pay Gap: Recent Trends and Explanations
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April 2015

Trade, Innovation, and Economic Growth
The Brookings Institution
download pdf
April 8, 2015

The Economic Benefits of the Affordable Care Act
Center for American Progress
Speech Text and Charts: download pdf
Slides: download pdf
April 2, 2015

The Affordable Care Act at Five: Progress on Coverage, Costs, and Quality
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March 2015

The Effects of Conflicted Investment Advice on Retirement Savings
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February 2015

The Economy in 2014
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December 2014
Updated Report: download as pdf

The Economics of Early Childhood Investments
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December 2014
January 2015 Update: download as pdf

Economic Report to the Preisdent