Carbon Capture and Storage - Submit a Comment

The Task Force will accept public comment until July 2, 2010. The Task Force asks that you focus your comment on one of the following six issue areas:

  1. CO2 Capture: Barriers to the cost-effective capture of CO2 from power plants and industrial facilities.
  2. CO2 Storage: Barriers to the underground storage and monitoring of CO2.
  3. CO2 Transportation: Barriers to the creation of CO2 transportation infrastructure sufficient to meet the needs of wide-scale CCS deployment.
  4. Regulatory & Legal: Identification of existing legal and regulatory authorities, with a focus on evaluating whether additional authority is required for commercial deployment of CCS.
  5. CCS Deployment Drivers & Incentives: Options for creating incentives for early deployment of CCS.
  6. CCS Global Initiatives:  Opportunities to coordinate and build upon international collaboration on CCS.