Work-Flex Event Starter Kit: Getting Started

This section of the Starter Kit provides materials for you to use in designing and executing your Workplace Flexibility event(s). 

  • Types of Events
    If you are just beginning to plan an event, you may want to review the Types of Events section for ideas on various formats. 
  • Key Stakeholders
    Once you have determined the kind of event that you want to hold, involving stakeholders will be critical to a successful outcome.  You can find ideas about engaging key stakeholders here.
  • Video
    Are you looking for inspiration for your event?  If so, check out videos from the White House Workplace Flexibility Forum.
  • Sample Discussion Questions and Themes
    If you are seeking ideas on possible themes and discussion questions for your event, review the questions and topics covered at the White House Forum.
  • Fact Sheet
    If you are wondering what the Obama Administration is doing to advance policies that help Americans meet their work and family responsibilities, see the Obama Administration Initiatives Fact Sheet. 
Start a Conversation in Your Community About Workplace Flexibility