OSTP Leadership & Staff


John P. Holdren
Director's Office
Chief of Staff Cristin Dorgelo
Deputy Chief of Staff and Assistant Director Ted Wackler
Senior Advisor to the Director Jeff Smith
General Counsel Rachael Leonard
Deputy General Counsel and Policy Advisor Jennifer Lee
Assistant Director, Federal Research and Development Kei Koizumi
Assistant Director, Legislative Affairs Donna Pignatelli
Assistant Director, Strategic Communications and Senior Policy Analyst Kristin Lee
Senior Communications Advisor Lindsey Geisler
Senior Communications Advisor Chris Vaccaro
Senior Policy Advisor, Public Engagement Fae Jencks
Policy Advisor to the Chief of Staff Erin Szulman
Legal Associate Jennifer Marett
Executive Assistant Billie McGrane


Office of the Chief Technology Officer
U.S. Chief Technology Officer Megan Smith
Deputy Chief Technology Officer for Data Policy and Chief Data Scientist DJ Patil
Deputy Chief Technology Officer Alexander Macgillivray
Deputy Chief Technology Officer Ed Felten
Senior Advisor to the CTO, Innovation and IP Nancy Weiss
Senior Advisor to the CTO, Open Government Corinna Zarek
Senior Advisor to the CTO Seth Andrew
Senior Policy Advisor Natalie Evans Harris
Senior Policy Advisor Lynn Overmann
Senior Health and Health IT Advisor Claudia Williams
Senior Advisor, Science, Technology, Innovation, and Partnerships (STIP) Puneet Ahira
Senior Advisor, Telecom Renee Gregory
Senior Advisor Jason Schultz
Policy Advisor for Health Data Maya Uppaluru
Policy Advisor Marvin Carr
Policy Advisor Kristen Honey
Advisor Aden Van Noppen
Special Assistant Matthew McAllister
Special Assistant Suhas Subramanyam
Consultant Ryan Panchadsaram


Environment & Energy Division
Associate Director Vacant
Principal Assistant Director for Environment & Energy Tamara Dickinson
Principal Advisor to the Director for Energy, Transportation, and Resources Robert Simon
Assistant Director, Climate Adaptation and Ecosystems Laura Petes
Assistant Director, Climate Resilience and Information Amy Luers
Assistant Director, Climate Science Donald Wuebbles
Assistant Director, Earth Observations David Hermreck
Assistant Director, Environmental Health Bruce Rodan
Assistant Director, Natural Disaster Resilience Jacqueline Meszaros
Assistant Director, Space Weather Bill Murtagh
Director, National Ocean Council Beth Kerttula
Executive Director, Arctic Executive Steering Committee Mark Brzezinski
Executive Secretary, Arctic Executive Steering Committee, and Senior Fellow Noël Bakhtian
Senior Policy Advisor and Interim Director, National Climate Assessment Fabien Laurier
Ocean Policy Advisor Meg Larrea
Senior Policy Analyst, Climate Resilience and Land Use Rich Pouyat
Senior Policy Analyst, Energy Research and Development Austin Brown
Senior Policy Analyst, Energy, Water, and Ocean Sciences Kelly Kryc
Policy Analyst Jerry Smith
SINSI Fellow Hannah Safford
Confidential Assistant Robert Strickling


National Security & International Affairs Division
Associate Director Vacant
Principal Assistant Director for National Security & International Affairs Steve Fetter
Assistant Director, Cybersecurity Tim Polk
Assistant Director, Cybersecurity Strategy Gregory Shannon
Assistant Director, Defense Programs Chris Fall
Assistant Director, National Health Security and International Affairs Susan Coller-Monarez
Assistant Director, Special Programs Mark LeBlanc
Assistant Director, Nuclear and Space Security Matt Heavner
Assistant Director, Space and Aviation Security Alvin Drew
Senior Policy Advisor, International Science and Technology Mahlet Mesfin
Senior Policy Analyst Allison Curran
Research Assistant Andrew Taub


Science Division
Associate Director Jo Handelsman
Assistant Director, Broadening Participation Wanda Ward
Assistant Director, Education and Learning Science Danielle Carnival
Assistant Director, Education and Physical Sciences Meredith Drosback
Assistant Director, Research Infrastructure Altaf Carim
Assistant Director, Scientific Data and Information Jerry Sheehan
Assistant Director, Physical Sciences Saul Gonzalez
Assistant Director, Precision Medicine and Bioethics Melissa Goldstein
Senior Policy Advisor Knatokie Ford
Policy Advisor Becca Grimm
Policy Analyst, Medical and Forensic Sciences Eleanor Celeste
Policy Analyst Elizabeth Stulberg


Technology & Innovation Division
Associate Director Vacant
Deputy Director for Technology and Innovation Tom Kalil
Assistant Director, Biological Innovation Robbie Barbero
Assistant Director, Civil and Commercial Space Benjamin Roberts
Assistant Director, Education and Telecommunications Innovation Aadil Ginwala
Assistant Director, Entrepreneurship Douglas Rand
Assistant Director, Innovation for Growth Jennifer Erickson
Assistant Director, Learning and Innovation Kumar Garg
Assistant Director, Making Andrew Coy
Assistant Director, Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Lloyd Whitman
Assistant Director, Open Innovation Jenn Gustetic
Senior Advisor to the Deputy Director, Social and Behavioral Sciences Maya Shankar
Senior Policy Advisor, Advanced Manufacturing Megan Brewster
Senior Policy Advisor, Partnerships Noemie Levy
Senior Advisor, Innovation Policy Daniel Correa
Senior Advisor, Making Stephanie Santoso
White House Leadership Development Fellow Marc Wynne
Confidential Assistant Terah Lyons


Budget & Administration
Operations Manager; Security Officer Stacy Murphy
Information Technology Specialist George Cravaritis
Budget Analyst Penny Guy
Administrative Officer Diana Zunker
Administrative Operations Officer Dawn Epperson
Administrative Security Specialist Mary Burgess-Gregg
Administrative Specialist Donna Coleman
Administrative Specialist Dawn Mielke


President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST)
Executive Director Marjory Blumenthal
Assistant Executive Director Ashley Predith
Program Support Specialist Jennifer Michael
AAAS Fellow Diana Pankevich


National Science and Technology Council (NSTC)
Executive Director Afua Bruce
Director, Networking & Information Technology Research & Development National Coordination Office Keith Marzullo
Director, National Nanotechnology Coordination Office Michael Meador
Director, U.S. Global Change Research Program Michael Kuperberg
Director, U.S. Group on Earth Observations Program Tim Stryker