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The Vice President and the Future of a United Iraq

The Vice President just returned to Wilmington, Delaware after three days in Iraq.  He met with local and national leaders, helping to keep Iraq moving towards a secure, united future.  Speaking to the press alongside the president of the semi-autonomous Kurdish region, Massoud Barzani, he laid out the Administration’s sustained commitment to Iraqi independence:
The United States fully understands -- recognizes, and supports -- the notion that there's a sovereign Iraqi government. But we stand ready to use our good offices to support Iraqi national unity. Above all, the United States remains committed to a long-term, bilateral relationship with a united Iraq. We stand ready to continue this partnership with President Barzani and the other leaders of Iraq -- all those who are willing to make this country safer -- and to take the concrete, although difficult steps that still remain to ensure Iraq's long-term success and unity.
Watch a photo gallery of his trip: