183,000 Manufacturing Jobs So Far

From the beginning, the Obama administration’s highest priority has been to rescue and rebuild the economy. Few areas were hit as hard as manufacturing – not just in this downturn, but going back years. Investing in 21st century manufacturing has been a cornerstone of the President’s plan to rebuild the economy stronger than before. And in the past seven months, we’ve seen the strongest manufacturing job growth in more than a decade -- adding 183,000 jobs so far this year.

The trends are promising and the President wants to keep that way. That’s why today, he is signing a bill into law that will make it cheaper and easier for American manufacturers and workers to do what they do best: build great products and sell them around the world. When the Manufacturing Enhancement Act of 2010 becomes a law today, it will create more jobs, help American companies compete, and strengthen manufacturing as a key driver of our recovery.

Watch the bill signing live at 2:50 PM EDT on WhiteHouse.govlive.

[Update: This live event has concluded. Check back later on the blog for the full video.]

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