Director Holdren Announces New Scientific Integrity Deadline

In April, responding to OSTP Director John Holdren’s Memorandum to the Heads of Departments and Agencies, more than 30 executive branch departments, agencies, and offices submitted progress reports on the development of their respective scientific integrity policies.  A handful went even further than required and provided draft or complete policies for review.

These milestones represent important progress toward the goal of ensuring scientific integrity within every department and agency whose mission encompasses these important endeavors, as the President has called for.

In order to maintain the momentum, OSTP Director John Holdren today is requesting that every covered department and agency provide its draft scientific integrity policy within 90 days from today. Dr. Holdren also encouraged those agencies that have submitted drafts to keep up the pace and move toward finalizing their policies.

OSTP is excited about all the scientific integrity progress made in the past few months and is eager to continue helping departments and agencies with drafting and finalizing their guidelines. OSTP staff is happy to provide comments and feedback and we hope that agencies and departments will continue to reach out to us as we near the completion of this important initiative.

Mira Atanassova is a Student Volunteer at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

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