Announcing the White House Business Council Forum

Today, the White House Business Council launched the online Business Forum as one more way for the Administration to stay connected with the business community.

Senior officials from the White House and across the Administration meet regularly with business leaders from around the country.  Since April, the White House Business Council has held over 500 events with business owners and entrepreneurs in all 50 states, Washington DC, and Puerto Rico.  Our purpose in these discussions is two-fold: 1) to get feedback on what the Administration can be doing more of - or less of - to help create jobs; and 2) to make sure that businesses are aware of the programs and resources that can help their businesses grow and succeed. 

We’re looking for ideas from entrepreneurs, business owners and the business community to help improve our policymaking.  And that is why we are so excited about the White House Business Council Forum.  The forum will be one way for the Administration to stay in regular contact with business leaders from around the country, continuing to get their input and perspective.  It will be a place where business leaders can ask questions, offer solutions and get answers from Administration officials. If you’re part of the business community and want to contribute, you can join a conversation already in progress or start your own.  Not a part of the business community, but know someone who is?  Help us spread the word by letting them know about the forum.

To get the forum going, we are starting two conversations today.  The first is about BusinessUSA, the one-stop shop and online platform where businesses of all sizes can access services and information to help them grow and hire that is launching in early 2012.  We want to make sure that BusinessUSA meets your needs.  And that is where you come in. Tell us how you would like this resource to be designed, what you want it to do and how you think it should work.

Second, over the past few weeks, President Obama has announced a series of executive actions designed to strengthen the economy and help American businesses create jobs and compete in the global economy. Why? Because we can't wait to take action to get our economy moving again. Share your ideas for what concrete actions that President Obama can take right now to create jobs and grow the economy, without waiting on Congress to write a bill or draft legislation.

We hope you join us on the White House Business Council Forum and that you share it with colleagues and friends. To keep updated on the Forum and for regular updates from the White House Business Council, be sure to sign up.   

Ari Matusiak is Executive Director of the White House Business Council
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