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A Girl’s Best Friend

Holiday season at the White House is easily the best time of the year. Thousands of people come through the building to be a part of the many events hosted throughout the month of December. This year the White House Holiday décor features everyone’s favorite pet, the First Dog Bo. When it comes to pets, they’re often more like family members for many folks and bring a unique joy to people’s lives. And for others, they provide a critical service and comfort to people in need. They are after all, man’s best friend.

Jennifer Arnold

Jennifer Arnold. (Photo from HelloGiggles)

In this edition of “Women Working to Do Good”, HelloGiggles profiles Jennifer Arnold the founder of an organization that trains and places services animals to thousands of people. In the profile, the author writes:

“Not only does she live her life as an example of what can be done with passion and dedication, she also shows what people with hard work and positivity can overcome…. Listening to her speak about what these animals are capable of doing, the amount of help and comfort they can actually bring to people was amazing and so eye opening.”

I guess you could say dogs are a girl’s best friend too.

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Ronnie Cho is the Associate Director of the White House Office of Public Engagement.

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