First Question 3/19/12: Jay Carney Answers Your Questions on Energy and the Affordable Care Act

Today, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney announced the return of First Question, an online engagement series that utilizes social media to answer questions from people across the country. On a regular basis, the Press Secretary takes questions from the press – via First Question, he adds questions from citizens to that mix.

Through Twitter and the White House Google+ page, hundreds of people submitted their questions for Jay. He responded to questions on gas prices, tax breaks for oil companies and the Supreme Court and the Affordable Care Act. Check out the full video, or use the links below to jump to a specific question.

Do you have a question for the White House Press Secretary? Follow Jay on Twitter @PressSec, @WhiteHouse and the White House on Google+ for upcoming chances to ask your question.

Watch the full video or jump directly to the questions you're interested in using the links below: