Update: Deadline for Summer Jobs+ Code Sprint Extended

We are overwhelmed by the excitement that the first White House Code Sprint has generated in the developer community so we have decided to extend the deadline by one week. You now have until Monday, April 16th to submit your apps.

We're looking forward to seeing your ingenuity shine through the development of innovative apps and encourage you to be creative and mashup the Summer Jobs+ API with other popular APIs. It may be helpful to think through the decision process someone goes through when looking for an internship or job. You could imagine that estimating the time and cost to get to and from different internship or job opportunities would be valuable when choosing where you want to apply. If the job posting doesn't have an address you may be able to use a third party API to determine it with the company name and city. Most importantly have fun and be innovative!

<geekspeak>The initial feedback we've heard from developers is that looking through the SDKs at http://developer.dol.gov/ was helpful in learning how to use the APIs and that many are looking to use the SDKs to jump start their projects. The Department of Labor is working on updating the SDKs with the latest information for the Summer Jobs+ API. Lastly, when working with the API please note that all string parameters must be surrounded in single quotes including the format parameter.</geekspeak>

Brian Forde is Advisor to the CTO on Mobile and Data Innovation

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