Small Business with Big Impact: Substance Abuse Treatment Providers in Our Communities

This week the Small Business Administration observes National Small Business Week, a time to recognize the importance of supporting smallbusiness owners. This year, participating small business owners represent a broad range of business products, services, and innovations, including a gourmet food maker from Maine, a  bus-builder from Nevada, a Wisconsin dental clinic, a machine parts miller from Iowa, a trade show producer from New Mexico, and 47 others from across the country.

Similarly, many substance abuse treatment programs are founded and operated by entrepreneurs and, like all small businesses, must focus on obtaining funding, tracking revenue, gaining and maintaining approval from regulatory bodies, hiring staff, and building facilities. With recent changes such as enhanced parity legislation, the passage of the Affordable Care Act, and emerging technological advances, substance abuse prevention, treatment, and recovery providers need support to stay on top of current trends and new innovations.

In recognition of National Small Business Week, ONDCP’s Deputy Director for Demand Reduction David K. Mineta has identified several small businesses doing outstanding work in the prevention, treatment, and recovery fields. Check back during the week as we feature guest blogs highlighting their important work.

Small businesses and startups are driving economic recovery and job creation in America and are vital to fostering an economy built to last.  In the case of substance abuse prevention, treatment, and recovery providers, they are also changing lives and strengthening communities.  Learn more about National Small Business Week at

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