Small Business Owners Speak-Share Your Story with SBA and Other Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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I have the great privilege to meet with many amazing small business owners across the country. I get to hear their stories – stories about why they started a business, how their business improves their community, how business ownership has enriched their life, and often how SBA was an important resource to make it happen.

These stories inspire me. That’s why we put together Small Business Owners Speak, a new online feature highlighting the voices of successful small business owners. This interactive map plots short videos from small business owners who have started or grown a business and used an SBA service.

The videos on this map comprise the eligible submissions from our National Small Business Week video contest. To help reach more small business owners, SBA has opened Small Business Owners Speak to other entrepreneurs interested in submitting a video to be featured at More information about the video submission process is available at  

Whether you’re just getting started or taking your business to the next level, hearing your peers speak about their experience can be very insightful.

Karen Gordon Mills is the Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration
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