Meet Three Americans Who Signed Up for Affordable Health Insurance

Watch on YouTube, the website where people can browse and buy affordable health insurance, hasn’t worked as smoothly as it was supposed to since it opened on October 1st. President Obama has directed his team to work around the clock to improve the site, and get it running as quickly and efficiently as possible.  

But, as President Obama said on Monday, there is still massive demand for health insurance, and thousands of people are still signing up for coverage and saving money. Many who couldn't afford insurance before, or had been denied care due to a pre-existing condition, are getting covered for the first time.

In fact, a few of the folks who have already signed up for new plans stood behind the President during his remarks on Monday. Afterward, they took a minute to talk with us about their experiences using the new Health Insurance Marketplaces and why they are happy with their new coverage.

Check out the video above and see what Zohre, Janice, and David had to say.

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