Young People & Obamacare: Coverage for $50 Per Month

As David Simas, Assistant to the President, explains below, the Affordable Care Act has a lot to offer for young people. As a Health & Human Services report out last night shows, half of single young adults eligible for the Health Insurance Marketplace could get coverage for $50 a month or less.

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Leading advocacy groups for young Americans have been the biggest supporters of the Affordable Care Act, and have reacted enthusiastically to this new report.  Anne Johnson of Generation Progress said, “Not only do Millennials have access to quality health care and added protections under the Affordable Care Act, but evidence increasingly shows that coverage will be more affordable." Matt Segal at Our Time noted that the insurance plans are high quality, saying "This is indisputably a good deal." 

And follow @whitehouse today on Twitter, where we’ll be tweeting out local stories from across the country, where young people are signing up and looking at their options. Spoiler alert: you'll hear phrases like "peace of mind," "less than a cell phone bill," and "I'm thrilled."

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