A Write API for We the People

In the two years since we launched We the People, more than 10 million users have signed nearly 300,000 petitions.

Those are impressive numbers, but we know that even more people want to reach us on other sites across the internet. One of the things we've heard from the beginning is a strong desire from our users to be able to submit signatures and petitions from other sites -- and still receive an official response.  Up to this point, we haven't had a way to accept signatures submitted from other sites, but that is about to change. 

We're developing a Write API that will allow individuals and organizations to collect signatures from their own platforms and submit them to We the People, all without requiring users to visit our site.

Under the Write API, users will have the ability to sign petitions both via third-party platforms (whether through other petitions services or on a site of their own) or through We the People's site. All of those signatures would contribute towards the signature threshold currently needed for an official White House response.

If you're a developer, we want to give you an early look at the platform in beta form before we release it to the public. Participation in the beta will be limited as we build out the system.

Click here to apply for a chance to participate, starting at 2 p.m. ET.  Applications will be reviewed in the order received.

Building out the Write API will make We the People more accessible and open than ever before, and builds on the progress we made with the Read API we released this Spring. The Read API opened up We the People data for analysis, allowing anyone to access the public data we've made available. People have done some pretty cool things using the system. Check out some of their projects here.

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