The First Lady Hosts the First White House Careers in Film Symposium for Students

FLOTUS Film Symposium 1

First Lady Michelle Obama reacts to special effects makeup during the makeup and costume segment of the Film Symposium and Oscars Workshop, in the Blue Room of the White House. November 8, 2013. (Official White House Photo by Amanda Lucidon)

This afternoon, First Lady Michelle Obama opened the doors of the White House to high school students from DC, New York, and Boston to partake in the first-ever White House Careers in Film Symposium.

The students had an opportunity to learn about animation, special effects, makeup, costume, directing, music and sound effects, and heard from leaders in the film industry about how their education helped them succeed—as well as hear from the First Lady herself.

The First Lady stopped by the workshop and encouraged the students to continue chasing their dreams in film, but to never forget the importance of education and the ability to overcome adversity.

Once you find that passion, whether it’s film -- maybe it's science or business, maybe it's teaching -- anything, you have got to get your education.  That's the bottom line.  As I tell my kids, you have one job:  Get an education.  It is the most important thing that you can do for yourselves right now, because that's how you'll prepare yourself for success.  You have to be ready.  And this is the foundation that you have to have with you when those opportunities come.  And that's how you're going to learn the skills that you need to achieve and to keep dreaming big. 

Mrs. Obama also encouraged the students to take advantage of their time with the panel saying “And I want you to take advantage of every second that you're here.  Ask a lot of questions.  Find out who these folks are, what they did.  What made them afraid.  What was hard.  Get as much information as you can.  And then go back and work hard.” Students had the opportunity to hear from actors and directors including Whoopi Goldberg, Naomie Harris, Ryan Coogler, David Frankel, Blake Lively, and Gayle King.

Watch the First Lady's remarks below:

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