Expansion of Innovative Law Enforcement Collaboration

Today, Director Kerlikowske announced the expansion of an innovative law enforcement program that fosters collaboration between Federal, state, local and tribal law enforcement officers. The High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTAs) program has recently added 12 new counties in nine states, enabling those counties to receive Federal resources to facilitate cooperation, information sharing and coordination across organizational lines. See a list of the newly designated counties here.

The HIDTA program was created by Congress with the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988 to support coordinated law enforcement efforts to reduce the supply of illegal drugs—in areas designated “high traffic” and across the Nation. In 2012 alone, HIDTAs collectively disrupted/dismantled 3,033 drug trafficking organizations, removed over $17.8 billion worth of drugs, and seized over $1.9 billion in cash and assets.

In addition to designating 12 new counties, Director Kerlikowske also announced nearly $3 million in discretionary funding to 21 HIDTAs to enhance targeted enforcement and drug prevention efforts nationwide. The discretionary funds will support strategic priorities based on the unique threats in each HIDTA, including prescription drug abuse and synthetic drugs.  

Leveraging the latest technology and counter-terrorism expertise—and defined by the spirit of collaboration—HIDTAs are a national model for effective cross-agency partnerships. Learn more about HIDTA accomplishments here

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