Americans Are Getting Covered Thanks to the Affordable Care Act

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, Americans all over the country are enrolling in affordable health coverage. Many were unable to get insurance before and many others are signing up for new plans that offer better coverage than what they had before, often at lower costs.

Here are some of the stories being reported around the country.

Butch Matthews, a 61-year-old former small business owner from Little Rock, Arkansas, learned he will be able to buy a better plan that saves him nearly $13,000 ayear. [ThinkProgress, 10/2/13]

Rakesh Rikhi of San Jose, California, pays $950 a month to insure himself, his wife and two children with Kaiser. Through CoveredCalifornia, his state’s marketplace, he’ll be able to get a similar Kaiser plan that saves his family $400 a month. [NBC Bay Area, 10/12/13].

Lela Petersen of Flagler, Colorado and her husband Mike have kept the same policy since 1992 because they have pre-existing conditions that likely wouldn’t have been covered if they switched to a new plan. In the marketplace, she could shop for plans without worrying about being rejected or charged more because of pre-existing conditions, but found the exact same policy from the same insurer – for $1,100 a month less. [NPR, 11/5/13]

Joann Boblick of Western Springs, Illinois is working to help others get sign up for insurance through the Affordable Care Act. She also used the online marketplace to get her own coverage – a plan that will save her $155 a month compared to her current plan and offers the same doctors, dentists and hospitals she has now. [Chicago Sun Times, 11/16/13]

Phil Sherburne of Salt Lake City, Utah used the online marketplace to compare 38 plans for his family of 5 and apply for tax credits that would bring down his monthly costs. He chose a plan that retails for about $850 a month, but will cost the Sherburnes just $123 with tax credits. [Salt Lake Tribune, 10/10/13]

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