The Office of Science and Technology Policy Launches Wireless for Warriors:

Joining Forces is proud to stand with the Office of Science and Technology Policy in announcing the launch of Wireless for Warriors -- a non-profit formed to connect transitioning service members and veterans with jobs in the wireless telecommunications industry. Our military service members make great sacrifices to protect our freedoms. When their service concludes, we have a duty to make sure each and every one of them have the means to successfully transition to the civilian work force. 

The wireless industry is one of our nation’s fastest-growing sectors, with more than 3.8 million US jobs and almost $200 billion in revenues. It’s imperative that our transitioning service members have access to the training and certification necessary to land a job in this field.

"Our returning heroes who wore the uniform are a perfect fit to fulfill the wireless industry's urgent need for a skilled workforce to rapidly, efficiently and safely deploy next-generation wireless facilities,” said Jonathan Adelstein, President of the Wireless Infrastructure Association. “They already have many of the technical skills and also possess the strong work ethic we need." 

To help accomplish this, Joining Forces is working with industries across the board to offer training, licensing and job placement programs. And earlier this year, First Lady Michelle Obama announced the launch of the IT Training and Certification Partnership, which gives military personnel the opportunity to utilize the IT training and skills they gained in the military to obtain industry-recognized certifications for 12 high-demand technology careers. 

"Today's employers require a workforce equipped with 21st-century skills and training,” explained Tom Kalil from White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. “Our men and women in the Armed Forces are uniquely positioned with the knowledge and drive to succeed, but may lack certain industry qualifications.”

The Wireless Industry has continuously stepped up to answer Joining Forces’ call to action to support hiring our nation’s veterans – and we encourage others to join this effort. Collectively, we can help our nation’s service members transition successfully from the military to civilian employment.

Joining Forces salutes the wireless industry and programs like Wireless for Warriors for helping our veterans secure meaningful employment. The wireless industry will undoubtedly benefit from this commitment to hire our nation’s most skilled and trained citizens.

Col. Rich Morales is the Executive Director of Joining Forces

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