One Week from Today: State of the Union 2014

JANUARY 28th, 2014  9PM ET State of the UnionOne week from today, President Obama will head to the Capitol to lay out his plan for the upcoming year of action in his fifth State of the Union address.

The President's State of the Union address to Congress is part of a tradition that dates back to our Founding Fathers. Hear what Denis McDonough, White House Chief of Staff, had to say about why the speech is so important, and then RSVP to watch the address on Tuesday, January 28 at 9:00 pm ET.

This year there will be more ways than ever to take part in the State of the Union, including a new way to watch the speech and share exclusive graphics with your social networks, and opportunities to discuss President Obama’s remarks with White House officials immediately following the address.

If you plan on watching from home, we will be streaming an enhanced version of the speech on that features graphics, data and charts that help explain policies and the issues. You can also tune in live on FacebookYouTubeGoogle+  and through our mobile apps.

In the meantime, here’s how to stay updated, and learn more about how you can watch, share and discuss the speech.

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  • Follow us on Twitter: Make sure you’re following @WhiteHouse on Twitter for news and real-time updates before, during and after the address.
  • is your number one resource for all things State of the Union, and the best place to watch the enhanced livestream of President Obama’s address, featuring charts, graphs, data and more to help explain the issues and policies he’s discussing alongside the remarks. 
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