West Wing Week 02/07/14 or "POTUS Cam!"

This week, the President urged action on long-term unemployment, hung out on Google+ for his first virtual road trip, announced major private-sector commitments to expand broadband Internet for students, spoke with both House and Senate Democrats, and joined the First Lady for the National Prayer Breakfast. The First Lady helped students get a leg up with filing for financial aid, and the Vice President unveiled Amtrak’s new Cities Sprinter electric locomotive.

Friday, January 31st

  • The President and the Vice President signed a Presidential Memorandum calling for a federal commitment to support workforce development.
  • Later that day, the President participated in a series of Google+ Hangouts with Americans across the country to answer their questions as a part of his first-ever virtual road trip.

Tuesday, February 4th

Wednesday, February 5th

  • The President spoke at the Senate Democratic Issues Conference held at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C. 
  • The First Lady and the Secretary of Education spoke to students and their families at T.C. Williams High School in Virginia on the topic of students filing their FAFSA forms for student aid.

Thursday, February 6th

  • The President, the Vice President, and the First Lady attended the National Prayer Breakfast at the Washington Hilton.
  • The Vice President traveled to Philadelphia to unveil Amtrak's new Cities Sprinter electic locomotive to highlight the importance of infrastructure investments.
  • Later that day, the President hosted a bilateral meeting with President Martelly of Haiti.