YouTube Stars Talk Health Care (and Make History) at the White House

This year, the President is committed to using the power of his phone and pen to create opportunity for all Americans. One ways he’s doing that is through raising awareness about policies and priorities through non-traditional platforms, like YouTube.

Last week, senior administration officials sat down with some of the most popular content creators on YouTube to talk about the issues that they care the most about, including access to quality, affordable health care. This group of influencers has developed innovative ways to engage with tens of millions of young people in a way that few other media platforms can accomplish. To learn from the YouTube community, we're starting a dialogue with these leaders to continue the conversation about issues that are important for their audiences including anti-bullying, education, economic opportunity, and health care.

From Hannah Hart, an internet personality and comedian who recently got health coverage, to Alphacat, a President Obama impersonator that created a spoof rap music video about getting covered, the YouTube stars at the meeting discussed ideas and strategies that can help raise awareness about health care enrollment

President Obama stopped by the meeting – the first of its kind at the White House – to talk with the group about why it's so important to help get the word out to the millions of fans they speak to every day. He also encouraged them to tell their their fans to check out to learn more and get covered. Participants included:

With just 25 days left until the end of open enrollment on March 31, 2014, the administration and the many groups working on health care outreach is continuing to use creative strategies to get the word out.

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