Weekly Wrap Up: FLOTUS and POTUS and Pandas, Oh My!

This week, the First Lady wrapped up her visit to China -- of course, pandas were involved -- while the President started a week-long trip to Europe and Saudi Arabia. And the Vice President gave seven reasons why you should get covered before open enrollment ends on March 31. Check out what else you may have missed in this week's wrap up.

FLOTUS Shows Us How She Moves in China

While touring Xi'an, China, First Lady Michelle Obama was greeted by local kids and students performing music, double-dutch jump roping, flying kites, and more. Of course, the First Lady couldn't resist getting in on the fun and showing the kids how she moves. 

Six Days, Five Countries, One POTUS

President Obama spent this week across the pond, meeting with European leaders in the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, and Vatican City, before traveling to Saudi Arabia today to meet with King Abdullah. Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications Ben Rhodes took some time earlier this week to go over the President's schedule and the goals of the trip.

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While in Vatican City, President Obama had an audience with His Holiness Pope Francis. Here's what the President said about their meeting, "I would say that the largest bulk of the time was discussing two central concerns of his. One is the issues of the poor, the marginalized, those without opportunity, and growing inequality. ... And then we spent a lot of time talking about the challenges of conflict and how elusive peace is around the world."

The Vice President Wants You to Get Covered Now, with GIFs

Vice President Biden thinks you should get covered. So, what better way to share seven of the reasons why than a series of Vice Presidential GIFs, like this one:

Check out the full list of reasons on the White House's just-launched BuzzFeed community page.

Join the Six Million Who've Already Signed Up — Get Covered

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Over six million Americans have signed up for private health insurance plans.

Are you one of the six million? If not, what are you doing? There's only THREE days left to get covered before open enrollment ends on March 31. Head over to HealthCare.gov to get covered now!


We promised you pandas, and we're delivering. On the last day of her trip to China, the First Lady and Sasha and Malia spent some time with a few of the famous black and white bears.

Read the First Lady's travel journal and check out some raw footage from her visit to the Chengdu Panda Base.

As always, to see even more of this week's events, watch the latest episode of West Wing Week below:

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