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1600 Daily: Everything White House for 3/20/17

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Watch President Donald J. Trump's Weekly Address to the Nation


Hearings begin today in the U.S. Senate for Judge Neil Gorsuch to serve as the next Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. Judge Gorsuch is an inspired choice with sterling academic credentials, a brilliant legal mind and a steadfast commitment to constitutional principles. Judge Gorsuch will honor the legacy of Justice Antonin Scalia. He is a strong believer that judges should base their decisions on the law and the Constitution, not on their own policy preferences or personal feelings. President Trump is proud to have nominated him and looks forward to a fair and speedy confirmation.


Stand with President Trump and Support Judge Neil Gorsuch as he enters his first day of hearings.
Support Judge Neil Gorsuch. Sign the petition.


President Trump leads a VA listening session.
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President Trump leads a roundtable discussion on vocational training with United States and German leaders.
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Millions have been hurt by Obamacare. Hear Dr. Armstrong's Obamacare disaster story:

Hear Ms. Sertich's Obamacare disaster story:

Hear Dr. Sethi's Obamacare disaster story:

Share YOUR Obamacare disaster story with President Trump

Vice President Mike Pence makes remarks on Obamacare.
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Today's press briefing will take place at 1:30 P.M. EST in the White House Briefing Room with Press Secretary Sean Spicer. Watch it here.


  • 11:00AM: President Trump meets with Bill Gates
  • 11:30AM: President Trump meets with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price, and Dr. Zeke Emanuel
  • 1:35PM: President Trump meets with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson
  • 3:00PM: President Trump welcomes Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi of Iraq to the White House
  • 3:10PM: President Trump meets with Prime Minister al-Abadi
  • 3:25PM: President Trump leads a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister al-Abadi


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