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West Wing Reads for 6/19/17

West Wing Reads

"Trump’s Non-Celebrity Apprentices" - The Wall Street Journal

Yes, an electrician or plumber can earn more than a college grad, and the Trump administration is making it easier for students to learn a trade, the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board details. It praises the President’s apprenticeship initiative, saying it uses apprenticeships to address the skills gap, provide vocational skills, and relay the message "that there's dignity and purpose in all work, college degrees or not." Nearly all apprentices receive jobs, and the average starting salary is $60,000 according to the Labor Department. As the Journal writes, that beats the starting salary of four-year college education majors at $34,891 and humanities at $46,065.
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At Fox News, former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge praises the President’s opioid commission, writing that it is “a welcome step, and proof that he is dedicated to acting on his promise to the American people.”

In foreign policy news, in USA Today, executive director of the Center for a Free Cuba Frank Calzon writes “let’s support the president and send the message to Havana that if the military regime wants millions from America, its anti-American foreign policy and repression at home must change.”

Domestically, the New York Post editorial board praises the administration’s efforts to combat MS-13, writing “the resources Team Trump has devoted to the campaign should continue to show results.”

And the Washington Examiner reports on the 106,000 ideas the public has submitted to Trump administration to help “cut waste and reorganize” the federal government.

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