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West Wing Reads for 6/20/17

West Wing Reads

"As Trump Modernizes the Government, He Can Keep the Internet Free and Open" – Christine Harbin in the Washington Examiner

President Trump’s efforts to modernize federal technology policy may not “grab as many headlines as his other federal priorities – e.g., repealing Obamacare and reforming the tax code – but they are nevertheless important,” argues Americans for Prosperity Vice President Christine Harbin. She cites the Federal Communications Commission rolling back Title II reclassification of internet providers, efforts to upgrade the electronic medical records system at the Department of Veterans Affairs, privatizing the country’s air traffic control system, and streamlining permitting for infrastructure projects among the activities that will “encourage investment and job creation across the country.”
Read the full op-ed in the Washington Examiner

In the New York Post, Salena Zito illustrates how important the opening of the new Acosta coal mine is for its Pennsylvania community, writing that “having a president who believes in this industry, and rallies publicly for it, means a lot.”

In other positive economic news, MarketWatch reports that both the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 both “closed at all-time highs” on Monday.

If you need any further evidence Obamacare is failing, The Hill reports that the sole insurer in many Iowa counties next year, Medica, plans to hike premiums in that state by an average of 43.5 percent.

On the foreign policy front, The Washington Times editorial board praises the President’s new Cuba policy, saying it “will steer commercial exchange away from official tourism-oriented businesses controlled by the Cuban military...”

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