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West Wing Reads for 6/23/17

West Wing Reads

"Obamacare Failure is on the Democrats"

- Juliana Darrow in the National Review

Democrats seem to be just fine with the Obamacare status quo – a situation where premium and deductible costs are rising and choice and competition are decreasing – as they haven’t introduced any major legislation to try to fix the system, argues Juliana Darrow in the National Review. As debate around the GOP Senate bill heats up, it’s important to remember Democrats “have taken the easy way out: showboating and complaining instead of working on a solution to stabilize the health insurance market,” she writes.
Read the full op-ed in the National Review

In the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R) writes about Anthem’s withdrawal from the Wisconsin Obamacare exchanges, saying it is the latest “blow to a state that’s been hit repeatedly with a string of knocks dealt by the repercussions of Obamacare.”

Always striving to better serve our veterans, in The Kansas City Star, Missouri Republican Party Chairman Todd Graves praises Secretary Shulkin’s decision to revamp the Department of Veterans Affairs’ decades-old electronic patient record system.

In an effort to hold the VA accountable, President Trump will sign a bill today that makes it easier to fire Department of Veterans Affairs employees, The Washington Post details.

American Conservative Union Chairman Matt Schlapp wonders in The Hill when Democrats will realize the resistance is a losing cause. He also pontificates on why members of the major media seem to keep missing the political persistence of the Trump movement and questions why they keep predicting its political impact is crumbling.


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