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West Wing Reads for 6/26/17

West Wing Reads

"The New Senate Republican Bill will Transform American Health Care" - Avik Roy in Forbes

Avik Roy argues in Forbes that once the dust settles, the Senate healthcare bill will have “far-reaching effects on American health care: for the better.” By tossing out the House bill’s flat tax credit, and by keeping its transitional schedule of tax credits, “the near-elderly working poor would be able to afford coverage, and the poverty trap would be eliminated,” Roy predicts. He also challenges conservative Republican members thinking about voting “no” on the bill to consider how many times they’ll get the chance to vote on legislation that fundamentally changes two entitlement programs and cuts spending by hundreds of billions of dollars. 
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In the Philadelphia Inquirer, Sen. Pat Toomey (R) praises the Senate repeal bill, writing that it “will help to drive down costs for everyone” and fulfill the promise to repeal Obamacare.

Today starts energy week at the White House. Bloomberg previews the week, particularly the President’s message of American “energy dominance” through increased exports. And The Wall Street Journal reports on the ripple effect the U.S. shale energy boom has had on the plastics and chemicals industries, including supporting jobs, increasing exports, and further supporting the U.S. economy.

In The Hill, former Reagan and Bush 43 Transportation Secretaries Norman Mineta and James Burnley write that now is the time to privatize the air traffic control system – a key initiative the President supports and that kicked off our infrastructure week earlier this month.

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