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West Wing Reads for 6/27/17

West Wing Reads

"The Senate’s Health-Care Hour" - The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board

The Wall Street Journal’s Editorial Board says for Republicans, this is a “defining political moment.” As Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell scrambles for the 50 votes he needs to repair the failing individual market, “if reluctant GOP Senators think they won’t be held accountable for a defeat, they should think again,” the Journal warns. It assures Congressional holdouts that the bill’s Medicaid block grant model will modernize the entitlement program and help lower the nation’s debt, give Governors “the regulatory flexibility to upgrade their insurance markets,” and that the CBO score underestimates the benefits of the markets. It urges GOP Senators to “have more confidence in their convictions and how their solutions can improve American lives.”
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In more Obamacare news, economist Diana Furchtgott-Roth outlines in the Investor’s Business Daily how the CBO estimate of the Senate repeal bill misses the mark, arguing that competition in the bill will inevitably bring premiums down.

In positive economic news, Fox Business reports on BMW’s announcement that it will “invest another $600 million in its South Carolina factory, a move that will add 1,000 jobs,” and that U.S. coal mining surges in 2017 following last year’s record decline.

Economist Stephen Moore argues in the Washington Times faster U.S. growth is right around the corner as President Trump reverses Obama-era polices and tax rates are cut.

In SCOTUS news, the New York Post editorial board writes, “the Supreme Court handed a big victory to President Trump and the rule of law Monday, unanimously striking down over-the-top rulings against his travel ban by two US courts of appeals.”

David French pens in the National Review how SCOTUS delivered a win for religious liberty advocates with a clear message that there are no second-class citizens.

CNN took a look at Justice Neil Gorsuch’s role in these decisions and concluded he “is already delivering as the strong conservative President Donald Trump promised his voters when he ran for office last year.”

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