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Intern Series: The White House Through a Lens

Passing through the hallways of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building every day, I can never guess what new adventures lie around each corner. What takes place on the White House grounds on a daily basis is extraordinary, and I am reminded of that every day - especially since part of my duties as an intern with the Office of Digital Strategy is to capture some of those special moments and share them with the American people.

The most important responsibilities of the Office of Digital Strategy include amplifying the President’s message and fostering strong public engagement. Having the opportunity to Snapchat White House events puts me in the center of all the action.

Every day brings something entirely new and unexpected. Each major presidential event is captured on the official White House Snapchat account, and the interns in the Office of Digital Strategy have been given the opportunity to Snapchat alongside the digital staff. We showcased world leaders in the Rose Garden, CEOs at technology roundtables, and small business owners at Made In America week to a whole new audience.

To some, Snapchat is simply a medium through which they communicate with friends. To the White House, however, Snapchat is used to give behind-the-scenes insights to the American people. There is no room for mess-ups or time for re-dos: at each event there is one opportunity to capture the perfect moment. No amount of selfies could have prepared me for taking photos and video clips of President Trump meeting national sports champions and famous world leaders.

I am honored to work alongside so many talented individuals to bring this Administration closer to the citizens it serves. Though it can be difficult at times to harness the excitement of an entire meeting in a single Snapchat, I strive to share the enthusiasm of this Administration with my fellow Americans.

Follow the White House on Snapchat: @whitehouse

Olivia Abboud is from Great Falls, Virginia, and is a senior studying Advertising, Public Relations, and Digital Media Trends and Analytics at Penn State University. Olivia is a member of the Summer 2017 White House Internship Program in the Office of Digital Strategy.