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West Wing Reads for 9/15/17

Each day we round up the best stories the West Wing is reading and share them with you.

West Wing Reads

"The Trump Boom May Just be Getting Started - Growth Could Hit 4%"

- Harold Hamm, CNBC

Harold Hamm of CNBC writes the stock market and business confidence levels suggest continued optimism for the future under President Trump’s administration. Along with the economy growing at just above 3 percent, the U.S. is on course to be able to provide for our own crude oil needs in this decade as a result of what Hamm calls the “Trump effect.” While the Democrats may criticize President Trump of cutting taxes for the rich, Hamm states the President’s tax reform goal is for the economy to regain strength after “15 years of middle class stagnation.” He concludes by saying the economy could reach 4 percent growth or more if we “had a level tax playing field with the nations with which we compete.” 
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In immigration news, Diana Furchtgott-Roth of Economics 21 writes that President Trump’s solution of enabling DACA recipients to extend their legal work status for two years is not only beneficial to the American economy, but necessary, as legal immigrant workers “make the economy more efficient by reducing bottlenecks caused by labor shortages.”

On Obamacare, Tom Howell Jr. of The Washington Times reports Obamacare premiums are expected to increase 5 percent per year for the next decade – much higher than the annual inflation rate – as enrollment is far lower than predicted. On a per-enrollee basis, “tax payers are shelling out more, paying ever-higher subsidies to help low- and middle-income Americans afford insurance.”

Regarding the U.N. General Assembly next week, Newsmax reports President Trump will be meeting with a variety of world leaders—including holding a dinner with Latin American leaders and a lunch with the leaders of South Korea and Japan—when not at the assembly.

And at the Washington Examiner, Caitlin Yilek reports on Frank, the 11-year-old boy who mowed the White House lawn after writing a letter to President Trump earlier this year. Frank received a personal thank you from the President as he pushed a lawnmower in the Rose Garden, Yilek writes.