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Celebrating American Business Women's Day


I was young in my career, my company was a year old, and I was contacted by a speaking agency that told me they had a request from a financial institution for a male pollster and me to preview the upcoming election as well as talk about public policy. I told the agent that I thought that sounded great to which he proceeded to ask me my speaking fee. I completely froze. I knew no matter what I said in return, I was going to undercut my value. The self-deprecating girl raised in a household of all women was going to take over and I would undersell my worth. So, having no idea how to assess my own value, I quoted the film "When Harry Met Sally" and said, "I'll have what he's having."

Today, September 22nd, is a day the nation has set aside to honor American business women. On American Business Women's Day, we celebrate the increasing presence and power of women in the workforce as well as the many women entrepreneurs that are taking the initiative to start their own businesses. We celebrate those women who are a product of their choices, rather than a victim of their circumstances. The women who rely upon their own skill set, their own self-confidence, their drive and moxie, and, most importantly, their duty to themselves. 

President Trump's Administration is committed to expanding opportunities for these bold women entrepreneurs and advancing the fundamental principle that all men and women are created equal. While women are now working in every sector of the nation's economy and women-owned businesses are growing at record rates, we can always do better. On this American Business Women's Day, I challenge everyone to recommit their efforts to enable women to succeed and prosper, and I applaud those female entrepreneurs who take risks, make a difference, and inspire future generations to do the same.

Kellyanne Conway is the Senior Counselor to President Donald J. Trump