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West Wing Reads for 10/19/17

Each day we round up the best stories the West Wing is reading and share them with you.

West Wing Reads



In The Hill, economists Steve Forbes, Larry Kudlow, Arthur Laffer, and Stephen Moore argue “cutting anti-growth taxes is a core tenet of the Republican Party’s economic message, so this shouldn’t be taking so long and shouldn’t be so hard to get done.” As the Senate votes on the budget today – a key vote that is necessary to enable tax reform – Republicans should remember, the President’s proposal, “will increase jobs, wages and economic growth. It is the most pro-growth tax plan since the Reagan years.” Then they question: “How can any Republican in good conscience vote against that? For that matter, how can Democrats vote against American business and prosperity?”
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Arizona Central gives readers a first look at border wall prototypes being built in San Diego, California. There are eight potential variations, “four are made of reinforced concrete, and another four incorporate additional construction materials.”


The Washington Times’ editorial board praises Attorney General Jeff Session’s tough stance against sanctuary cities, writing: “When residents see their elected representatives defy laws meant to keep their streets secure, while creating safe spaces for illegals, it’s clear that Mr. Sessions is correct: Sanctuaries protect lawbreakers at the expense of the law-abiding.”


Peter Roff, in Washington Examiner, writes the Trump Administration ending so-called “sue and settle,” by which “all kinds of radical organizations were able to get through regulation what they could not get through legislation,” is an important first step, and other agencies must follow.


Regarding healthcare, James Capretta in Real Clear Policy, writes the GOP can do better than Alexander-Murray, arguing, “the GOP should not agree to fund cost-sharing reduction payments beyond 2018 absent a much more comprehensive deal on health care.”