The White House Blog: Dr. Jill Biden

  • @JoiningForces is Answering Your Questions to Celebrate Its 4th Anniversary

    The First Lady and Dr. Jill Biden launched Joining Forces in April 2011 to call on Americans across the country to rally around service members, veterans, and their families.

    This month, Joining Forces is celebrating its fourth anniversary! We're talking about how we can inspire, educate, and spark action from all sectors of society to ensure service members, veterans, and their families have the tools they need to succeed throughout their lives.

    Want to join the conversation? We'll be focusing on specific themes throughout the month. Around each theme, the Joining Forces team will be hosting a Twitter chat to answer your questions on mental health, homelessness, employment, and education -- and hear from you.

    Ask your questions and join the conversation now using the hashtags below, and we'll answer from @JoiningForces on the day of the chat!

  • It's the Students

    Dr. Jill Biden discusses with students ways in which leadership and civic engagement can increase student success at De Anza College

    Dr. Jill Biden discusses with students ways in which leadership and civic engagement can increase student success at De Anza College, April 9, 2015. (Photo by James Gleeson)

    Last night, I visited De Anza College — a vibrant school in Cupertino, California that is successfully helping their students pursue their dreams.

    De Anza College is one of the top community colleges in the state for the number of students who transfer to the University of California and California State University. In fact, 67 percent of De Anza College students will graduate or transfer to a four-year school within six years.

    What is even more impressive than the statistics of student success at De Anza College, are the students themselves. I had the opportunity to talk with a group of students about their participation in community and civic engagement programs, like Latino Empowerment at De Anza (LEAD), which is developing the next generation of leaders in their community. 

  • West Wing Week: 03/13/2015 or, “The Single Most Powerful Word”

    This week, the President focused on students and college affordability at Benedict College, Georgia Tech, and back at the People's House -- as did Dr. Biden, who met with community college students in Gainesville and Austin. The First Lady hosted a Nowruz celebration, and the First Family marched to mark an important anniversary.

    That's March 6 to March 12, or "The Single Most Powerful Word."

    Watch on YouTube

  • Dr. Biden at SXSWedu: Let's Ensure Education Is Accessible, Affordable, and Attainable for All Americans

    Dr. Jill Biden at Gainesville Community College

    Dr. Biden discusses strategies for student success at Santa Fe College, Gainesville, Florida. March 9, 2015. (by Aaron Daye)

    Yesterday, with Under Secretary of Education Dr. Ted Mitchell, I had the pleasure of visiting Santa Fe College in Gainesville, Florida, and Austin Community College in Austin, Texas. Both schools are making transformative changes on their campuses to adapt to the needs of their students.

    After visiting these community colleges, I had the opportunity to share this experience -- how these two schools meet students where they are, and guide them to where they want to go -- with a diverse group of students, educators, entrepreneurs, and administrators from across the country at SXSWedu Conference in Austin, Texas.

    To see just how innovative these community colleges truly are, watch the video below:

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  • West Wing Week: 03/06/2015 or, “Just a Souvenir!”

    This week, the President broke bread with My Brother's Keeper mentees, sat down with the President of Liberia and Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, shared the stage with Eric Holder and Aretha Franklin, and welcomed law enforcement officials and Peace Corps volunteers to the White House. While the Vice President was in Guatemala to discuss investing in Central America. That's February 27 to March 5 or, "Just a Souvenir!"

  • #AskDrBiden About Community Colleges at SXSWedu 2015

    Dr. Biden Meets with Students During Her Community College to Career Bus Tour

    Dr. Biden meets with students during her Community College to Career bus tour in 2012. Photo by Gary Fabiano, US Department of Labor.

    Community colleges have entered a new day in America. They lead the way in preparing graduates in the fields of green technology, health care, teaching, and information technology — some of the fastest-growing fields in America and the rest of the world. Community colleges are able to meet the needs of their community and provide students and workers with the education and skills they need to succeed and to get good-paying jobs to support their families.

    That’s why I am excited to attend SXSWedu 2015 to discuss the importance of community colleges to America’s future. I have been an educator for more than 30 years, and I have spent the last 20 years teaching at community colleges. And, as Second Lady, I have traveled across the country to see firsthand the critical role community colleges play in creating the best, most-educated workforce in the world.

    Before I get to SXSWedu 2015, I want to hear from you. Starting today, you can tweet your questions about community colleges to me @DrBiden using the hashtag #AskDrBiden. Then, watch here on Tuesday, March 10 at 9 a.m. CST/10 a.m. EST as I respond to some of your questions during a live event moderated by a community college student.

  • Strengthening America’s Families: Joining Forces & Blue Star Families

    Blue Star Families creates a platform for military families and civilian leaders to work together encouraging community-level leadership to address the challenges of military service. Through Joining Forces, First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden -- a Blue Star mother herself -- have worked side-by-side with Blue Star Families to honor service members, veterans, and their families. This week, Blue Star Families hosted a celebration commemorating their fifth anniversary.

    In the past five years, Blue Star Families has grown its membership and its programming exponentially. It has helped 700,000 military family members experience the arts through Blue Star Museums; it has gathered more than 26 million hours of volunteer service through Operation Honor Card, and it has informed policy makers through the publication of its annual Military Family Survey.

    I was honored to attend the fifth anniversary celebration this week, and I was happy to help share this video from the First Lady with Blue Star Families:

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    United States Army Colonel Steve Parker is the Executive Director of Joining Forces. 

  • Dr. Jill Biden: “All Americans Deserve the Opportunity to Reach Their Full Potential”

    Dr. Jill Biden delivers closing remarks at DREAM 2015

    Dr. Jill Biden delivers closing remarks at DREAM 2015 in Baltimore, Maryland, February 20, 2015. (Photo by Craig Huey)

    This morning, Dr. Jill Biden delivered remarks at DREAM 2015 — Achieving the Dream’s Annual Institute on Student Success — to highlight the Administration’s commitment to community colleges.

  • Happy Valentine’s Day, and God Bless Our Troops

    Valentine’s Day is a day to spend with your loved ones. Earlier this week, along with a bipartisan group of Senate spouses, I had the opportunity to serve 14 wounded warriors and their families an early Valentine’s Day dinner at Walter Reed National Medical Center.

    Dr. Jill Biden Attends Valentine’s Day Dinner at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

    Dr. Jill Biden joins Master Sergeant Juliana Joseph-Tanner and husband Gary Tanner for an early Valentine’s Day dinner at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, February 10, 2015 (photo by HM3 Devin Stewart, Assistant Lead Petty Officer for Allergy and Immunization Clinic, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center).

    As a military mom, I believe it’s our sacred duty to honor the service of those who have sacrificed for our country. We owe thanks today and every day to those who wear the uniform. That is one of the reasons why First Lady Michelle Obama and I started Joining Forces in the first place.

    On Valentine’s Day, we hope all Americans can find ways to show appreciation for our service members, veterans, and their families who do so much for our country.

    Happy Valentine’s Day, and God bless our troops.


  • Dr. Jill Biden: “This Is the Moment for Community Colleges to Shine”

    This morning, Dr. Jill Biden delivered remarks at the 2015 Community College National Legislative Summit to highlight the Administration's commitment to community colleges and their importance to America’s future. This event was hosted by the Association of Community College Trustees with the American Association of Community Colleges. 

    Roberto Zárate Introduces Dr. Jill Biden at the 2015 Community College National Legislative Summit

    Roberto Zárate, Chair-Elect ACCT Board of Directors, Alamo Colleges, Texas introduces Dr. Jill Biden at the 2015 Community College National Legislative Summit, February 11, 2015. (Photo by Keith Weller)