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  • The Top 3 Moments of the White House Correspondents Dinner: "Welcome to the Fourth Quarter"

    The White House Correspondents Dinner -- the night when Washington decides to celebrate itself.

    As the President said, "Somebody's got to do it."

    Ever since the first one kicked off in 1920, the political press corps, members of the Administration, the President, and a few famous faces have gathered to celebrate the importance of journalism to our democracy -- and to face a good roast over the satirical fire. 

    Saturday Night Live's Cecily Strong summed up the night: "The White House Correspondents Dinner is a chance for all of you to unwind, relax, and laugh as soon as you notice someone slightly more powerful than you is laughing." 

    But first, President Obama took his place at the WHCD podium for the sixth time, and welcomed everyone to the fourth quarter of his presidency. Here are our top three favorite moments of the night:

    1. The Opener: Welcome to the Fourth Quarter

    Beats by Barack. The President and Grumpy Cat: The Interview. And a South Lawn swim ... welcome to the fourth quarter. 

  • Weekly Address: Fighting for Trade Deals that Put American Workers First

    President Barack Obama tapes the Weekly Address in the Map Room of the White House, April 24, 2015.

    President Barack Obama tapes the Weekly Address in the Map Room of the White House, April 24, 2015. (Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy)

    In this week’s address, the President laid out why new, high-standards trade agreements are important for our economy, our businesses, our workers, and our values. These new trade deals are vital to middle-class economics -- the idea that this country does best when everybody gets their fair shot, everybody does their fair share, and everybody plays by the same set of rules. The President has been clear -- any deal he signs will be the most progressive trade agreement in our history with strong provisions for both workers and the environment. It would also level the playing field -- and when the playing field is level, American workers always win.

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  • Week in Review: A Conversation About Our Environment

    From an Earth Day trip to a 1.5-million-acre wetland ecosystem to a trade deal that protects endangered species, this was a week of conversation about how we can protect our environment. President Obama traveled to the Everglades in southern Florida to discuss how climate change is affecting our environment and spoke about his trade deal that would protect endangered species from illegal wildlife trafficking. Back at the White House, we reviewed our progress on combating environmental challenges and asked you to share what you would fight to protect for this Earth Week.

    In case you missed it, here are a couple highlights from the week.

    Recapping Earth Day

    On Wednesday, the President traveled to the Everglades in southern Florida for the first time to celebrate Earth Day. While enjoying the natural beauty of the 1.5-million-acre wetland ecosystem, President Obama also highlighted how climate change is affecting the region and our planet. The President also sat down with Bill Nye the Science Guy to discuss that threat, conservation, and science education in America. Watch that conversation below:

    Watch on YouTube

    Take a look at our highlights from the day.

  • West Wing Week: 04/24/15 or, "The Savage Splendor of a Swamp"

    This week, the President hosted the Italian Prime Minister, three different sports teams, and a bipartisan group of members of Congress. He also visited the Everglades in balmy Florida to celebrate Earth Day with Bill Nye. That's April 17th to April 23rd or, "The Savage Splendor of a Swamp."

  • More than 4.46 Million Records Released

    In September 2009, the President announced that — for the first time in history — White House visitor records would be made available to the public on an ongoing basis. Today, the White House releases visitor records that were generated in January 2015. Today’s release also includes visitor records generated prior to September 16, 2009 that were requested by members of the public in March 2015 pursuant to the White House voluntary disclosure policy. This release brings the total number of records made public by this White House to more than 4.46 million — all of which can be viewed in our Disclosures section.

  • President Obama Honors the 2015 Super Bowl Champions: The New England Patriots

    Watch on YouTube

    Today, President Obama welcomed the 2015 Super Bowl Champions, the New England Patriots, to the South Lawn of the White House to celebrate their 2015 NFL championship.

    The event this afternoon honored the NFL champions as part of the President’s broader push to recognize athletes and sports stars for their contributions to their communities and their leadership on and off the field.

    On the South Lawn, the President congratulated the Patriots for being one of the teams committed to leading the way, commending the players for volunteering in the community and visiting schools and hospitals through the NFL’s Play 60 initiative. President Obama also congratulated the Patriots Marathon Team for running in the Boston Marathon, where they raised more than $230,000 for charity, helping to show that Boston is still stronger than ever.

  • The President Addresses the Nation on a U.S. Counterterrorism Operation in January:

    President Obama delivers a statement on a U.S. Government counterterrorism operation against Al-Qaida

    President Barack Obama delivers a statement in the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House, April 23, 2015, regarding the January U.S. Government counterterrorism operation against Al-Qaida that killed hostages Dr. Warren Weinstein, an American held by Al-Qaida since 2011, and Giovanni Lo Porto, an Italian national held by Al-Qaida, since 2012. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

    The President addressed the American people this morning regarding a U.S. counterterrorism operation this past January that resulted in the tragic deaths of two hostages.

    Watch it here: 

    Read the full remarks here

    White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest also released the following statement

  • You’re Invited: A White House Social for the Japan Arrival Ceremony

    White House Social Japan Arrival

    Next week, President Obama and Vice President Biden will welcome Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to the United States -- and we want you to join.

    The Prime Minister will begin his U.S. visit with an arrival ceremony on the White House South Lawn the morning of April 28. Arrival ceremonies began during the Kennedy Administration and have evolved into the traditional way to welcome visiting world leaders. 

    We want our followers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Vine to help us welcome Prime Minister Abe. While you're here at the White House, you will get to attend the arrival ceremony on the South Lawn and then head inside for meetings with Administration officials with an interest in diplomacy.

    Sound fun? The deadline to apply is Thursday, April 23, 2015 at 8:00 p.m. ET, so don’t wait! Apply now

  • Historic Photos: A Look Back at Presidential and Cabinet Trips to the Everglades

    Today, in honor of Earth Day, President Obama is traveling to the Everglades – the tropical wetlands in the southern part of Florida.

    Since 1970, we've commemorated Earth Day on April 22 each year, with worldwide celebrations in support of environmental protection. President Obama is visiting the Everglades this year to highlight how climate change is already damaging American treasures like our National Parks, as well as how climate change will affect our economy, our personal health, and our national security. The Everglades, one of the most beautiful and environmentally sensitive regions in the country, is a key source of drinking water for a third of Florida’s residents, and significantly boosts Florida’s revenue and economy through tourism at the park.

    Read more here about the steps President Obama and his Administration are taking to fight climate change, and protect our national treasures like the Everglades.

    President Obama isn't the first President or Cabinet member to visit the Everglades, though. Check out a few photos of other Presidential and Cabinet trips to the Everglades over the years:

    President Truman in the Everglades

    Harry S. Truman speaking at the dedication of Everglades National Park in Florida. Also present and visible behind the President are (from left to right): John Steelman, Clark Clifford, Admiral William D. Leahy, Stanley Woodward, and Major General Harry Vaughan. December 6, 1947. (by the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum)

  • Follow Along: Earth Day 2015

    President Obama celebrated Earth Day this week by visiting the Florida Everglades where he spoke about the threat that climate change poses to our economy and to the world. While there, he sat down with Bill Nye the Science Guy to discuss that threat, conservation, and science education in America. Watch that conversation below:

    It's Earth Day -- and all day long, we'll be keeping you updated right here with videos, photos, and opportunities to add your voice to the #ActOnClimate conversation. Follow along here for highlights from the President's trip to the Everglades -- and speak up on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram using the hashtag #ActOnClimate. We'll be reading and sharing what we hear from you.

    Here's what we've got on tap for the day:

    This morning, the President is heading to the Florida Everglades along with Bill Nye the Science Guy and Interior Secretary Sally Jewell.

    At 3 p.m. ET, the President will deliver remarks from the Everglades.

    At 3:30 p.m. ET, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy will hold a Twitter Q&A on Latino public health.