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  • CSI: NY - Citizen Science Investigations in New York City

    Citizen science offers a unique opportunity to involve people in real scientific research and can have enormous benefits: greatly expanding the ability of scientists to collect data, creating a more scientifically literate population, and allowing people to better understand their role in protecting nature.

  • BioCurious – a Hackerspace for Biology!

    Through volunteering, I ended up cofounding a non-profit cancer research lab, Livly, with the Director of Research at SENS, after a colleague of ours died from esophageal cancer, unable to even get an experimental treatment in the states.

  • Target Asteroids! Citizen Science: Tracking Near-Earth Asteroids for Science and Humanity

    Target Asteroids! builds on the tremendous foundations of amateur astronomy – throughout history, amateur and professional astronomers have made exciting discoveries, collaborated to learn more about the cosmos, and teamed up to provide details about the Solar System.

  • The Stories Plants Can Tell: NEON’s Project BudBurst

    As the Director of Citizen Science at the NSF-funded National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON), I work with scientists, engineers, and educators who are very excited about continental-scale ecological data. NEON will provide 30 years of data on the effects of climate change, land-use change, and invasive species on natural resources and biodiversity.

  • Connecting People to Nature

    Our Citizen Science project aimed at engaging individuals as participants in research that would expand our knowledge of the ecological inventory and interactions within our Hacienda La Esperanza Nature Reserve.

  • Citizen Science – Bringing the Excitement of Scientific Discovery to All

    In February 2010, along with Aaron Alford, I co-founded Paleo Quest, a non-profit citizen science service and research organization whose mission is to advance the sciences of paleontology and geology through research, exploration and science education.

  • Soldiers2Scientists and Beyond...

    Therapeutic recreation programs are uniquely suited to provide veterans treatment, while also helping individuals “recover basic motor functioning and reasoning abilities, build confidence, and socialize effectively to enable greater independence”.

  • Hacking Science and Space Exploration

    Science should be something that is disruptively accessible. Citizen science is less about replicating science experiments and more about people from any background being empowered to create new ways to explore the overlooked, underfunded and fringe areas of science.

  • COASST – It Takes a Village

    The Coastal Observation and Seabird Survey Team (COASST) was born out of the Tenyo Maru oil spill, out of the realization that scientists alone can’t begin to document what’s normal, let alone how fast things are changing. We need a willing army to make that happen. In short, we need citizens – the locals who watch, and know, and love their backyards, their environment.

  • For the Win: Open Your Eyes

    Lance Oppenheim, a 17 year-old from Southwest Ranches, FL, featured the winner of a literary writing contest in a video called Open Your Eyes which asked participants to describe what child hunger means to them. Lance serves as a National Youth Advisory Council member of generationOn, the global youth service enterprise of Points of Light.