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  • 98 Percent of Americans Are Connected to High-Speed Wireless Internet

    The President announces that 98 percent of Americans nationwide are connected to high-speed wireless Internet -- surpassing any point in our nation’s history.

  • Meet the Exhibitors in the 2015 White House Science Fair

    The White House Science Fair features extraordinary science projects and experiments from some of America’s most innovative students. Find out more about the students participating in this year’s Science Fair.

  • Video Contest for High School Students Looks to a Robot-Assisted Future

    While the field of robotics is evolving quickly, robots today are still mostly relegated to performing tasks that are routine and repetitive, and to performing those tasks in environments where obstacles and other surprises are rare. In June, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency will host the DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals, where competitors will demonstrate the advanced capabilities of the next generation of robots.

  • Open Education Week 2015

    As we celebrate Open Education Week 2015, we look forward to implementing the new U.S. Open Government Partnership National Action Plan to promote Open Educational Resources and building momentum for Federal open education initiatives. The availability of high-quality, low-cost digital content in our schools is a priority for the President and a pillar of his ConnectED Initiative.

  • Unleashing Innovation for Disaster Response and Recovery

    Over the past two years, the White House Innovation for Disaster Response and Recovery Initiative has helped expand our capacity for using technology and innovation to strengthen national preparedness and resilience. With America’s PrepareAthon fast approaching next month, we encourage you to share how you are supporting this effort.

  • Why Soil Rocks

    2015 is the UN-designated International Year of Soils – one of the world's most important resources that will help determine the collective future for inhabitants of the Earth. Here we join the celebration of the services provided by this critical resource and set out to prove once and for all that soil does, indeed, rock.

  • Get Your Schools Up to Speed

    Fewer than 40 percent of public schools currently have the high-speed Internet needed to support modern digital learning. We have the resources to solve this problem -- we just need help from our nation’s superintendents and school technology chiefs.

  • Uniting in Support of Broadband that Works

    From municipal groups to industry associations, to leaders in Congress and public interest groups, the response to the President's new broadband initiative has been overwhelmingly positive.

  • In Case You Missed It: How We Honored Dr. King

    The President and several cabinet officials honored Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by spending the day lending a hand at services sites in DC and throughout the nation.

  • President Obama Reflects on Dr. King's Legacy and Honors It with Service

    President Obama issues a Presidential Proclamation commemorating the Martin Luther King Jr. Federal Holiday. In honoring Dr. King's legacy, the President is dedicating his day to service, and encouraging all Americans to join in and lend a hand.