Statements and Releases

  • Vice President Biden Hosts Conference Calls with Governors and Local Officials to Discuss Recovery Act Implementation, 7-6-09

    Earlier today, the Vice President hosted two conference calls with Governors and Mayors/County Executives from across the country to discuss implementation of the Recovery Act.

  • Joint Statement by Dmitry A. Medvedev, President of the Russian Federation, and Barack Obama, President of the United States of America, on Missile Defense Issues

    In accordance with the understanding reached at the meeting in London on April 1, 2009, Russia and the United States plan to continue the discussion concerning the establishment of cooperation in responding to the challenge of ballistic missile proliferation. Our countries are intensifying their search for optimum ways of strengthening strategic relations on the basis of mutual respect and interests.

  • FACT SHEET: The Joint Understanding for the START Follow-on Treaty

    On April 1, Presidents Obama and Medvedev agreed in London that America and Russian negotiators would begin work on a new, comprehensive, legally binding agreement on reducing and limiting strategic offensive arms to replace the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START), which expires on December 5, 2009. On July 6, Presidents Medvedev and Obama signed a Joint Understanding to guide the remainder of the negotiations.

  • FACT SHEET: U.S. - Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission

    The two Presidents agreed to create a Bilateral Presidential Commission, which they will chair and Secretary of State Clinton and Foreign Minister Lavrov will coordinate. The Commission will include the following working groups. Additional working groups will be created and announced in the coming months, along with sub-groups under each working group as appropriate. Secretary Clinton will travel to Moscow in the fall for the first meeting of the Commission coordinators.

  • Joint Statement by President Barack Obama of the United States of America and President Dmitry Medvedev of the Russian Federation on Nuclear Cooperation

    The United States of America and the Russian Federation confirm their commitment to strengthening their cooperation to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons and stop acts of nuclear terrorism. We bear special responsibility for security of nuclear weapons. While we reconfirm that security at nuclear facilities in the United States and Russia meets current requirements, we stress that nuclear security requirements need continuous upgrading.

  • United States-Russia Military to Military Relations

    On July 6, Admiral Mullen, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and General Makarov the Chief of Defense for the Russian Federation signed a new strategic framework for military-to-military engagement between the United States and the Russian Federation. This agreement will enable the resumption of bilateral activities, which have been suspended since August of 2008.

  • Joint Statement By President Of The United States Of America Barack Obama And President Of The Russian Federation D. A. Medvedev Concerning Afghanistan

    Expressing concern over the continuing conflict in Afghanistan and noting the importance of stepping up the international community's efforts to help stabilize that country and promote the democratic process and economic growth there, we reaffirm our commitment to the goals of the common fight against the threats of terrorism, armed extremism, and illegal drug trafficking in Afghanistan. We shall continue and develop our cooperation in the interest of enhancing the capabilities of the Government of Afghanistan to accomplish key socioeconomic objectives, to raise living standards, and to ensure the security of its people.

  • FACT SHEET: United States-Russia Military Transit Agreement

    On July 6, 2009, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Undersecretary of State William Burns concluded an agreement that will enable the United States to transport its military personnel and equipment across Russia to support American and Coalition forces in Afghanistan.

  • FACT SHEET: Moscow Summit, July 6-8

    At their initial meeting on April 1 in London, Presidents Medvedev and Obama agreed to translate their mutual desire to “reset” U.S.-Russian relations into concrete outcomes that would benefit the American and Russian people. During their July 6-8 meetings in Moscow, the two presidents reached agreement on a number of issues that enhance the security and well-being of both countries:

  • Remarks By President Obama And President Medvedev Of Russia Prior To Private Meeting

    PRESIDENT MEDVEDEV: (As translated.) Mr. President, Barack, distinguished members of the American delegation, on this occasion I would like to welcome you in the Kremlin. And it is our expectation that during the deliberations we will have today and tomorrow, we'll have a full-fledged discussion of the relations between our two countries, closing some of the pages of the past and opening some the pages of the future.