Marine Corps Air Station Miramar
San Diego, California

2:00 P.M. PDT
THE PRESIDENT:  I know you always asked me, “How are we doing?”  We’re going to win this time around, I think.  I feel really good about our chances.  I haven’t been in all the House races, but I think we’re going to keep the Senate and pick up a seat.  I think we have a chance to win in the House.  I don’t think we’re going — not “win,” keeping the House. 
So, I’m optimistic.  I really am. 
And I find that, you know, most of the debate that occurs in the places I visit — I know you don’t think it, but I think we have pretty good crowds.  They’re fairly enthusiastic.  You don’t write it that way, but they are.
And I find that — that the thing that gives me the most confidence is the fact that the policies we’ve initiated, people care about.  Now, they want more.  They write to me, but I don’t know anybody who’s really opposed to us bringing down medical prices and prescription drugs and all those other things.
So — so I feel optimistic.
And you can smile.  I’m okay.  All right?
Q    Mr. President, could I just ask you one quick question?
Q    You said that you were going to meet with the oil companies. 
Q    When is that going to happen?
THE PRESIDENT:  Well I — nothing is set up.
2:01 P.M. PDT

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